Sunday, 15 January 2017

A Very Random Post

Greetings all!!
It is I, once again peeking out from my hibernation. *waves*

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I would apologise profusely for my long absence but that would indicate it won't happen again, and we all know it will!

December was crazy! My work was moving to a new location which meant a week of packing and a week of unpacking while at the same time doing my regular job. So I was swamped!
And then came Christmas which always means extra work. (For as I work at a rehabilitation home someone has to feed the residents, even in the holidays)

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Then after December 28th I had no more extra work and was looking forward to a well deserved vacation, so of course I have been sick ever since!! (I feel very sorry for myself at the moment)

But on a cheerier note let me tell you about this fantastic thing I  just discovered that has taken up most of my spare time recently.

It's called Hamilton!! A hip-hop and rap musical about the founding fathers.
Yes, I realise it's a crazy concept but Pinterest has been sending me quotes and pictures from the play as recommended pins for months now, so I thought: let me see, or rather hear, what all the fuss is about.

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I listened to Act 1 and found it not that bad. Then I listened to the whole album and was left with a lot of feels that could only be remedied by listening to it once more.

No one was more surprised by my sudden love for it than me - I mean hip-hop and rap are some of the only music genres that I decidedly dislike, but I guess all rules have exceptions...

Listening to the musical on repeat for a week left me with a lot of random knowledge of the American Revolution (something I have never been taught in school). This left me hungry for more, and somehow that ended with me starting to watch a 13 hour documentary about it. (Not how I imagined spending my days off)


And as my interest for that time period is still growing I find myself looking for movies/books taking place during the American Revolution. Can you recommend any?

I know this random post doesn't make up for a month's absence but I was really itching to write something...anything, And I missed the blogging world:)

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So tell me, how has winter treated you this far?

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