Saturday, 6 December 2014

My introduction to Les Miserables

Or: Why you should read the book (or watch the musical) before seeing the movie.

I gotta admit, in the past I always kept my distance when I heard of Les Miserables - I mean the title sort of indicated it would be a depressing tale.

But when I saw a trailer for the movie, I decided I simply had to see it. And that is how I came to see the movie with no prior knowledge of the story, except for the trailer and a brief teaser summary. are some scenes that confused me/got quite a reaction out of me:

When 1815 appears written on the screen: "Wait a minute, I thought this movie would be about the French Revolution." Yeah..misunderstanding no 1.

The bishops entrance:."Why is he singing half the lines?"

During Valjean's Soliloquy: "He is talking... no wait he is singing again, why does he keep singing?
Obviously, I had no idea of the entire concept of Les Miserables. (I think I accepted it halfway through "At the End of the Day")

When Javert appears again: "Oh no, he has found you, run Valjean run!! Or not.....he isn't very good at recognising faces."

When Fantine dies: "What? she DIES??? How can she die? She is on the poster...and we are only 20 minutes into the film."

During Stars: "He is very close to that edge...he is not gonna jump is he?"

At the reprise of Look Down: "This. Is. So. Epic... Best movie ever."  

When Eponine dies: "What? She dies too?? What happened (in the commotion I hadn't noticed she was shot until she started singing) This was not neccesary (Urge to rewrite her story with a happy ending rises)

At the end of the last battle: "Now would be a good time to surrender...War is terrible. So many deaths. This movie is depressing."

During Javert's suicide: (Flashback to "Stars") He is very close to that he gonna jump? He is gonna jump...why do every single person in this movie have to die?

During the Epilogue: Off course..he is gonna die as well. This is so sad. Ok... he's dead, now fade to black......wait, what is this depressing ending suddenly turned into an inspirational feel-good ending.

While leaving the cinema: Now I have seen it. I am depressed, I don't think I'll ever watch it again. Can't wait to read the book though, and learn more about the characters.

Obviously that last decision didn't last. After reading the book (and watching the 25th anniversary concert uncountable times) I had an overwhelming urge to watch the movie again because I had a feeling I had missed a lot of what was going on.

So I counted down to the DVD release, bought it on the day it came out and it is now the movie I have seen the most times in the shortest interval (except maybe for Frozen).

And that my friends, was my introduction to Les Mis.

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  1. Haha! I'd heard sooo much about this before I watched it...

    I like it, and the music is of course incredible, but I have to say it definitely isn't my favorite:-P I's just too depressing for me (says the girl who loves POTO and Evita...).


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