Friday, 8 May 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

As I have probably mentioned before spring is my favourite season and has quite a peculiar effect on me. Something about it just makes me think about all the little things I love about life.

So I decided I would share some of them, but be warned - just like Maria I have quite a few favourite things.

Favourite flowers

Well roses of course

Also Peonies


And dahlias

Favourite smells

The smell of freshly mowed lawn, is there anything better? Maybe the smell of freshly dried hay.

Also, that special smell when it has just rained.

Ooh..and not to forget the smell of freshly baked bread

Favourite view

Close to my family's summer house is this gorgeous view point called Vejrhøj. It's a great little hike up the hill, so I persuade them to go there every year.

Favourite nature phenomena

A sunset, no doubt

Maybe if I get to see Northern Light someday that would take first place, but that hasn't happened yet.

Favourite outdoors activities

Walking in nature of course, it sets the imagination free.

Reading in the sunshine - a combination of two of my favourite things.

Favourite words

I really love words! Not just the meaning of the words but the words in themselves. There are so many pretty words, and I especially love the old fashioned and seldom used ones.
Most of my favourite words are in English (I think that is because it isn't my first language).

Felicity - a pretty name, and a lovely meaning.

Petrichor - means the smell of dirt after rain.

Bouncy - such a funny word, and it immediately places an image in my mind.

And not to forget the German word Frühling (means spring), it's just such a cute word.

That was only a few of all the things I love.

What are some of your favourite things?


  1. I love this post idea! Spring has a way of putting me in mind of my favorite things, as well (it's my favorite season too!) :D

    Oh my goodness, don't peonies smell absolutely incredible?!

    Wow, a lot of these are my favorite things, too!:D

    1. I know, it is such a wonderful season!

      Yes, peonies are incredible, I can barely walk past them without wanting to buy some.

  2. What a lovely post idea! And oh my....we have some uncanny similarities when it comes to favorites... Roses, peonies and dahlias are my three favorite flowers (plus sweet peas :)). And freshly mown grass? SO wonderful! Especially early in the morning. ;)

    Also, I do love those special words. I actually have a doll named Felicity and for a long time I just thought it was a "name" until I found out it was actually an old, little-used-since-Jane-Austen descriptive word. It's so beautiful, isn't it? And I like "Petrichor." I think I'm going to have to use it sometime, so thank you!

    1. How funny. We do seem to think a lot alike! (Sweet peas are very pretty too)

      I also thought Felicity was just a name, and loved it - and then even more when I learned the meaning.
      Glad you liked the words. You're welcome;)

  3. I've just tagged you with the 10 Favorite Film Characters Tag here:

    Do have fun!! ;)


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