Thursday, 8 October 2015

Movie Wardrobes: State Fair

State Fair is one of my new favourite movies for many reasons: the plot, the setting, the music and not to forget; the costumes! It is an enjoyable collection of 40's outfits from the beginning to the end!

I personally think the main character, Margy Frake, has one of the most enviable movie wardrobes of all time, so let's take a closer look on each of her outfits.

When we first meet her she wears this lovely outfit that's practically screaming farm girl and femininity. Just look at the details on her skirt - it has pockets! Who doesn't love a skirt with pockets? It combines the pretty with the practical, and must be very handy when going about your daily work.
And don't get me started on that lovely peasant blouse - the ruffles, the ribbons...I don't even have words.

When they arrive at the State Fair we see her wearing this gorgeous pinafore dress/apron (I am not entirely sure what it was called). Again; practical and pretty at the same time.

This!! This is my favourite dress in the movie!
The pale pastels that compliment each other so well, the flattering cut of the skirts, the discreet puff sleeves, the flower details - everything just works together to create perfection.

The dress she wears the first evening has me rather torn; on one hand I think the cut of it a bit strange, but on the other I love the pale purple hues.

Here's another lovely daydress/set. Notice the matching hat in the right corner, how well thought through is that? I wish we could have seen her wearing the hat as well! I really like the colour of the top (red is my favourite after all) and the trimming. The skirt is very simple and therefore works very well to balance out the adorned top.

Margy's second evening dress is very dreamy and billowy. What I love the most is the detail in the fabric - it is hard to see in the photo, but the fabric of the sleeves and collar is transparent and adorned with little bows as part of the pattern (hard to describe precisely, but it's so pretty).

And another pinafore/apron (because one work outfit is just not enough for a three day holiday). I just adore the gingham pattern in this one and the trimming at the front. If I could sow I would make a dress just like this one (and wear it whenever I'm having a stay at home day).

Here's one of Margy's more downplayed outfits - mostly for everyday wear I think. Not my favourite but I like the versatility it has, you can wear any shirt/blouse underneath that dress and get a completely new look out of it.

The dress Margy wears the final evening is really lovely. The placement of the coloured fabric gives a great focus on the waist, and as always I love the cut of the skirt. She just wears so many beautiful dresses. I truly wish I had a wardrobe like that.

That was the final outfit she wore and thus the end of this in depth costume listing. But Margy is not the only one to wear amazing outfits in this movie, so let's end this post with a few honorable mentions: 

This gingham dress worn by Margy's mother is just a plain daydress, but I love the pattern and the details around the collar. Shows that you can look good even if you're dressed for housework.

We actually only see this girl in 2 little scenes, but each time she completely steals the screen with her delightful outfits. Just look at the wonderful hue of pink, the contrast the white buttons make and the little peter pan collar - I want her in more scenes just to see more outfits in that style.

There actually isn't that many hats in this movie (wouldn't want to hide all the curly hairstyles), but this one is certainly a prime specimen. Relatively simple, but the big bow gives it a splash of colour that makes it festive (and you can make the bow match your dress if you like).

So...that's all for this time!
Have you seen State Fair? If so, how did you like it?


  1. Rose! You stole my BLOG POST IDEA!!!!

    Haha, it's alright. But seriously, I wanted to write this post. :-D Great minds think alike, I suppose!

    I LOVE MARGE'S WARDROBE. It's probably one of my favourite wardrobes EVER EVER EVER. We have the same favourite dress too - THE PINK AND BLUE ONE OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


    And yes, I love Wayne's girlfriend (the blonde one)'s dress too! She's so pretty. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  2. I did? How funny.
    I did think that you, in particular, would love it when I wrote it.
    It is one of the best movies ever costumewise right?

    And that pink and blue dress!!!! So glad you like it too! It shoes you have a great taste ;-)

  3. I have never seen this movie, but now that you've shown the dresses I really want to see it!

    1. You really should see it. It's amazing!

  4. These costumes are lovely! I love gingham! And her red top/white skirt is beautiful. Looks rather Christmasy, actually. I like the flower design on the third dress. Pastels and little flowers are so delicious.

    No, I've never seen this movie, but you're making me want to watch it! :)

    Thank you for a lovely post, Rose!

    ~Miss March

    1. So glad you liked it, Miss March!

      You really should watch it, you won't regret it!

  5. It would be wonderful if you could tell what the designer of these lovely outfits are!

  6. Dear Rose,

    Greetings from PEPS! This is a fine article! I agree that these outfits are all lovely. Although I'm more of a thirties girl myself, I love most forties and fifties styles, too. Since Margie's an old-fashioned girl, these clothes are forties-style, but with a slight hint of older styles. You described every costume very nicely, from the fanciest one to the simplest!

    I, Rebekah Brannan, have not participated much in the blog world in the past, but I intend to become more involved now. I have read some of your other articles, and they are all informative and enjoyable.

    I would like very much for you to participate in my upcoming blogathon, The Singing Sweethearts Blogathon, which will be my first real participation in PEPS. This blogathon, which will be hosted around Valentine's Day, is celebrating the famous singing team Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.

    You can read the rules of the blogathon at: If you want to join, please comment and tell me your topic, if you have chosen one. I hope you'll join me in honoring this brilliant team and the holiday of love!


    Rebekah Brannan


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