Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World


Summary: In 1805 aboard the H.M.S Surprise, the brash Captain Jack Aubrey is ordered to hunt down and capture a French vessel off the South American coast. The hunt is long and takes its toll on everyone in the crew.

I know, it's quite a short summary, but the main plot is that simple. However, it is all the little stories that unfold on the ship that truly makes up the movie.

Now, first of all let me state: I really like this movie!
But if asked the reasons why, I must shamefully admit that it has been so long since I watched it that I've forgotten most of the things that happened.
(Note to self: Procrastinating reviews doesn't make them easier to write)

But let me talk about the things I DO remember.

The casting, for instance. I loved all the actors in it. I firmly believe that some actors should never be in anything but period dramas, for they wear the apparel so well.
And let me tell you, this is a movie that firmly cement that belief!

                         Image result for master and commander cast


I rest my case!

Other things I enjoyed about the movie was the way the plot was executed. Everything progressed very slowly but still with an incredible amount of tension and excitement, so there was not a boring moment.

And I simply loved the fact that they actually filmed on the Galapagos Islands - something that apparently is very rare for a feature film to do.

Content wise I don't remember there being any, but a little gore and fight scenes, though, that is to be expected in a movie about war.


So as a conclusion, I can say: this is a really enjoyable movie, with lots of adventures and if you enjoy movies taking place in the British navy *cough*Hornblower*cough*, you will like this one too.


  1. As crazy as it sounds,I have never seen this movie. I must rectify this situation.

    1. Nothing crazy about it, I only watched the movie a few months ago for the first time.

  2. Mmmmmmm, one of my favorite movies. The books by Patrick O'Brien are so good too!

    1. I've heard a lot of praise about the books (one of the reasons I watched the movie), and I really want to read them someday.


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