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Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

This is a long awaited post!

I recall wanting to write about this movie almost from my very first day of blogging - and now, 2 and a half years later it is finally happening: my incoherent and fangirly review of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers!!

I recently rewatched the movie for the first time in a while, and as it thoroughly reminded me why this is my favourite musical of all time, that was the final push I needed to write this.


But first, let us have a summary: In 1850's Oregon, Adam Pontipee decides he wants a wife, so he goes to town one day to find one. To everyone's surprise he meets Millie who agrees to marry him at once and goes off with him to his remote farm.
When they arrive she is very surprised to find Adam has six brothers that he forgot to mention she is also supposed to take care off. After she has gotten over the shock, she decides to help finding them girls of their own. It works only all too well, for suddenly they are all pining away for their girls that they can't visit due to the remoteness of the farm.
To cheer them up Adam suggests that they take inspiration from the ancient Romans and simply kidnap the girls away...


If you haven't picked this up from the context yet, let me tell you one thing before we go any further: in my subjective and very biased opinion Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is the ultimate movie musical of all time!

And what made watching it even better this time, was that I was watching it with a friend who had never seen it before (but she had listened to me ramble about it for years), so not only was I reacquainting myself with all my favourite moments, I was watching it through her eyes too as a first timer!

It is truly one of a few movies where I enjoy every single minute of it!


But why this movie in particular? I will tell you why!

Firstly, the songs! There are 8 original songs which are all brilliant! Not a single miss! That is quite a feat in itself! And none of the songs slow the plot down.
From the funny and catchy "Bless Your Beautiful Hide" to the melancholy "Lonesome Polecat" the songs cover quite the spectrum of emotions. But my all time favourite song of them all will always be the beautiful and dreamy "June Bride."


Secondly, it doesn't have any of that drawn-out-ness that some musicals of this period had. For instance it only has one long dance sequence, but even then that involves a lot of laughs and is in no way boring.

Thirdly it actually has a lot of plot and a lot of humour.

These three facts also means that this is the ideal movie to watch with ones who aren't musical enthusiasts, as they will probably like it too.

Furthermore, the movie has a long list of great characters, who in no small way contributes to the many funny moments and conversations.

The Pontipee brothers in particular bring a lot of laughs.
From Adam, who very sagely explains that being in love is just like having the measles, to Benjamin who thinks offering chewing tobacco is a good way to open a conversation with girls, to Frank who starts a fight every time someone says his real name (it's Frankincense, because his mom couldn't find any F names in the bible).
And then there's Gideon, who is so sweet and adorable, and who I always had a soft spot for.


As for content, I don't really recall any. Some might find the whole ordeal of the men kidnapping the girls a disturbing concept, but to them I will say: the movie obviously doesn't take itself very seriously, so neither should you. And in the movie they were also thoroughly chastised for it.


What more can I say?
All over it's just a wonderful movie!





    (I apparently couldn't stop talking in caps there for a while.)

    Wonderful, wonderful review :D I just, I mean, GAAAHH. THE CHARACTERS <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I loved how you described them here: "From Adam, who very sagely explains that being in love is just like having the measles, to Benjamin who thinks offering chewing tobacco is a good way to open a conversation with girls, to Frank who starts a fight every time someone says his real name (it's Frankincense, because his mom couldn't find any F names in the bible).
    And then there's Gideon, who is so sweet and adorable, and who I always had a soft spot for." BWAHAHAHA YES

    And your paragraph about content. Amen and amen.

    I could go on and on about this. I love this movie, and I love that you love it too :D

    1. Thank you, Olivia!!
      I thought of you several times when I wrote this, as I know your enthusiasm for this movie quite equals mine:)

      And I'm so glad you like the review part, I spent months writing this because it's so hard to properly prase my love for the movie so everybody truly understands the brilliantness of it all:)

      And yes. the characters! I fell in love with them all over again, when I wrote this:)

  2. So all that to say, thanks for this post!! :)

  3. I love this movie! And it's definitely on my list of favorite musicals. The songs are so much fun, and they don't slow the story down, which is a problem I have with a lot of musicals.

    Ah yes! Gideon. He was always a favorite of mine, too. He's so sweet. :)

    Don't you love the girls' dresses in the barn raising scene? I could SO wear a dress like that! :)

    Lovely review, Rose! :D

    1. I'm so glad you also like this movie, Miss March!:)
      It was a problem in most of the classic musicals that the songs didn't quite fit into the plot, or as you say, they slowed the story down. That's why I usually prefer to just listen to the songs instead.

      YES! THE DRESSES!! This might surprise you, but I never really paid any attention to the dresses before, but then when I rewatched it recently I was struck by the beauty of it! I especially love Milly's dress with the big gingham apron...I would wear those dresses too:)

    2. Well, if it does surprise me it's only because I feel like most people notice the costumes in movies a whole lot more than I do. To be honest, I usually gloss over those sorts of things. I notice them, but I just don't usually focus on them...if you know what I mean. But, yes! These dresses are lovely. I'm really partial to gingham for some reason. And Milly's dress with the apron is deliciousness! :D

    3. I wasn't usually one to notice costumes much (except for the rare "too pretty for words" costume that sometimes appear), but for the last few years, incidentally ever since I started my blog, I've started paying more attention to them.
      Yes, gingham is a wonderful fabric. I dream of having gingham dresses in a rainbow of colours someday. Though it probably won't happen until I pull myself together and learn how to sew;)

    4. Haha. Oh yes! Learn how to sew! That's something I was supposed to do years ago! Still haven't gotten around to it. :P

    5. I know the feeling;) I decided I would learn to sew last summer and a week ago I finally got as far as putting up the sewing machine:)

  4. This is a absolute gem of a musical! I adore it in a manner that cannot be expressed in words. You, however, have articulated perfectly why this musical is definitely worth watching. Great review!

    To anyone that is put off by the seemingly tasteless plot (the 'rape of the sabine women' inspiration) please ensure you watch this movie regardless, with the following contextual details in mind:

    1. Whilst it does not seem so from a modern perspective, this is quite an empowering movie for women. The feminist undertones are manifested with the character of Milly who is ubiquitously portrayed with utmost power. She refines the rough and unruly men, and even adam, a sort of anti-hero, she is able to enlighten the importance of respecting women.

    2. The word 'rape,' within the context of this era did not have the same meaning as it does today. It is a harsher synonym for kidnapping (defined: The act of seizing and carrying off by force). with this knowledge, the campy 'rape' song is easier to digest. Also, as you said yourself, it is not a movie presenting itself as realistic so it should not be taken so seriously!


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