Friday, 23 December 2016

For The Love Of Words

I love words!

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I love how you can string them together and create new ideas or sayings of profound wisdom.

I love that by combining 25 letters over and over you can create everything said and thought under the sun.

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I love how the same words can have way different meanings to different people.

I love how some words are just beautiful to look at or to pronounce.

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I love how foreign languages have wonderful new word pictures that suddenly makes me find my own language lacking.

I love how you sometimes simply cannot translate a saying and get the full meaning.

I love how words carefully chosen can make my day.

I love how those same words may be kept and treasured forever in my memory.

I love how written words can make you feel every emotion from the greatest elation to the deepest despair.

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I love how my thoughts flow and translate onto the paper as I write.

I love when I try to express an idea that words cannot truly encompass and yet people know what I mean.

I love how looking at a page with lines and lines of words soothes my mind.

I love how reading those words can take me anywhere - around the world or into completely new worlds.

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I love how words can change the way I think and the way I see the world.

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Yes, words is a powerful thing. With them you can build up or tear down, reveal wisdom or stupidity.
Use them wisely, but never forget to use them!

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