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10 Favourite Screen Characters Tag

When looking for new ideas for blog posts, I suddenly remembered that Heidi had tagged me with The 10 Favourite Screen Characters Tag a long, long time ago.

Well, better late than never...

Just to make this a bit more challenging I am mentioning characters I solely know from the screen (Which means no book to movie adaptions where I have read the book)

So without further ado... here they are:

Rapunzel (Tangled)

I love her because she is adorable, artistic and awestruck by everything she meets and she has such a positive attitude despite her locked up life. Oh, and not to forget...she is surprisingly apt with a frying pan - gotta love a princess who can defend herself using kitchen utensils.

Ella (Cinderella)

I gotta say I'm just so in love with everything regarding this new Cinderella adaption. My favourite part of it was the way they managed the portrayal of Ella - very true to the original fairytale but without making her weak and passive. She is just so good and kind it almost radiates of her and the way she manages to hold onto that through all the distress she is put through is just admirable.

Anna (Frozen)

Don't worry, this post is not being completely taken over by Disney princesses, but I can't pick favourites without mentioning Anna. I mean, she is the first Disney princess who is awkward, clumsy and looks realistically in the morning - all traits that make me love her more. Besides that she is fiercely loyal towards her sister - even when she does nothing to deserve it - and is really selfless.

Peggy Carter (Captain America)

Well, here comes a completely different genre. Peggy Carter is, in my opinion, the ultimate feministic role model. She is tough, constantly proves her worth to her male colleagues and at the same time she is not at all afraid of being feminine. Another bonus is the series is set in the 40's so I use a lot of time swooning over her gorgeous outfits, hair-do's and make up.

William Buxton (Return to Cranford)

Considering he only played a supporting role, he completely stole the show for me. I mean, is it possible not to love William? He is sweet, kind, funny, honorable, stands up to his father to defend his fiancee and is not afraid to follow through, even when it means he has to work hard. (That he is played by Tom Hiddleston is only a bonus)

The Doctor (Doctor Who)

Again, I couldn't pick favourites without at least mentioning the main character of my favourite show ever! How do you describe the Doctor? Considering he has been played by 4 different actors, each with their own personality (and that is only the reboot), you can safely say that he is an extremly complexd and layered character. But he is always really entertaining and funny with many quotable lines, quite crazy and very deep at times.

Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)

Yay, a chance to  mention Rory again. (Don't think I have done so since my very first post years ago) You can't say the name Rory Gilmore without also saying books, so of course she will be one of my favourites. Who wouldn't love a teenager who prioritises reading over random socialising, who brings a book everywhere she goes and whose idea of a perfect saturday is browsing the book shop for hours? That and she really knows her popular culture. (I'm not even kidding. Everytime I actually understand a reference in that show I feel so clever)

Captain Hook (Once Upon A Time)

No list is complete without at least one pirate. If he happens to be roguishly handsome (his words, not mine), secretly have a heart of gold and have quite an extensive vocabulary you have most likely met Captain Hook. As this show is known for, they give quite a twist to what we thought we knew about the character, which in his case makes him one of my favourites in the entire series. 

Phoebe Buffay (Friends)

If it isn't clear by now, I tend to like the crazy ones. Phoebe is no exception. I love that she is wholly untraditional and proudly embraces her weirdness as completely normal for her. That and she has some great lines.

Abby Sciuto (NCIS)

Abby is a character full of contradictions. On one hand she dresses like a goth, on the other hand she is the most positive person in the series. She seems happy-go-lucky and sometimes acts like an overexcited child when introduced to new tech, but at the same time she is the best at what she does and produces results unimaginably quickly.  I also love how she is always bribed with Caf-Pow and the fact that she sees her team like her extended family and therefore is fiercely protective of them.

So...this is it. I gotta admit that is one of the most diverse list I've made in a long time.
Do you agree with my list?

As it is a tag, I should probably tag someone in return. So if you read this and feel an urge to make your own list consider yourself tagged.

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  1. How did I miss this post??

    Anyway, great list! Rory! I love Rory (most of the time) :) And haha, I know how you feel--they talk so fast it's sometimes difficult to catch the references;D

    I really like almost every character on this list!:D


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