Monday, 7 September 2015

A Random Compilation Of Summer Happenings

It is that time of year where I spend several days in denial over the summer ending. I really shouldn't be surprised by it anymore, as it happens every year, but somehow I always am.


Then comes the nostalgia and looking back at the summer gone by, wondering if I achieved all I planned to do. That again leaves me half depressed that I didn't achieve more and feeling like the biggest sloth of all time. Luckily though, that only lasts until I actually start listing what I did and realise I didn't waste the summer completely.

Here's a a few of the things I have been doing this summer:


Lots of period dramas, among others:

- Cranford
- Return to Cranford
- Lorna Doone
- North & South (rewatch, but counts anyway)
- The last 2 Horatio Hornblower movies
- Half of The Hollow Crown (More on that subject in a later post)

A list that leaves me quite proud of myself.


Apart from that I've watched a good amount of Gilmore Girls (only one season left until I have watched it all), and lately I've been quite hooked on thought provoking documentaries about nutrition and the food industry.


Sadly not as much as I had planned.
I started out with reading a lot of YA fiction (easing myself into reading again), and I started reading Jane Eyre (which I love this far), and Cranford. Unfortunately life got in the way and I don't think I will finish any of them anytime soon.
But I tried, and that 's what counts.



I actually got a lot of drawing done during my vacation.
This summer I drew some Disney and tried out the anime drawing style. I am completely in love with the latter at the moment, which I completely blame on the anime version of Les Miserables I have just watched. (It is awesome by the way: Les Mis made children friendly, with a lot of new characters and plot points and a gross disregard for the happenings in canon, though it still manages to squeeze in more of the plot line than any other adaption I have seen)
The characters were so lovely made that they just begged to be drawn.

This one is my favourite, it depicts young Cosette

Those awkward moments which make great stories:

It is funny when I look back on this summer, it is mostly made up of funny little happenings, most of which were exceedingly embarrassing when they happened, but which count as great stories today.

Like when the fire alarm went off early one morning at the hotel during my London vacation, and all the guests had to wander down in the court yard wearing sleeping clothes and whatever we had thrown over it. While that is an experience in itself, to make matters worse I had set my hair in pin curls the night before, so my hair was full of clips and a very askew head scarf. Never have half an hour felt that long!

Or what about the time I spent an entire day in full out war with a wasp, trying very hard to kill it and running for my life when it counterattacked. (I left the battle the victor at last)

Then there was the night I had another freak out when faced with a moth in my bedroom, and I refused to get out from under my blanket until my father had killed it.

And last but not least that vacation where I by coincidence got a super fancy hotel room with espresso maker and frotte bath robes - and it was at least 30 degrees outside and I couldn't even bear the thought of warm things.

Now, I don't usually have so many awkward moments in that short amount of time, but they surely made this summer memorable.

                           Billedresultat for memorable summer quotes

But now it's over there is nothing to do but embrace the autumn, which is quite a beautiful season in itself, and look forward to nights with candle lights and hot cocoa.


What did you spend your summer doing?


  1. Dearest Rose! Oh, this was a simply delightful post! It is always fun compiling a list of the things we've achieved...and I think you had a great Summer! I have seen most of the period dramas you listed, North and South being my most favourite! But oh! Cranford was also so very sweet, wasn't it...? And I am glad you like Hornblower too! I am not a big fan of any movies that have blood in them, so I am surprised at myself for loving them! Heehee! I love Horatio's character...I think he could be described as a man with integrity!
    Your drawing of Cosette is amazing...*sigh* I wish I could draw! It looks like such fun, but I confess I get frustrated at my lack of skill!
    Do enjoy your Fall days ahead...I will think of you as I go barefoot after a cooold winter here in South Africa! Ah, how I will enjoy these blissful Spring days... :-)
    By the way, your awkward moments had me smiling big time! We all have them, rest assured! *smiles*
    So lovely visiting with you today...I truly appreciate your kind comment on my post earlier today...thank you, dear Rose!
    Have the most wonderful of Mondays!

    1. So nice of you to stop by, Kelly-Anne!
      I'm glad you liked it, summer fly by way too fast.
      You're so lucky that you get to experience spring now, that is my favourite season - glad to hear you are appreciating the beauty of it ;-)

  2. Lovely!

    Oooh, I just recently rewatched some of Lorna Doone, too! It's such a good movie:D And of course I love our Gilmore girlies;)


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