Saturday, 2 January 2016

A Grand Way To Start The New Year

I have one, and only one tradition for January 1st. I have done it as long as I remember. On this day it is of utmost importance that I am home and seated by the TV when they broadcast the New Year's Concert live from Vienna!


For those of you who haven't heard about the New Year's Concert before, it's a concert of classical music mostly consisting of waltzes and polkas written by the Strauss family (very famous Austrian composer family).
As it has been played every year since 1939 it's filled with traditions and very prestigious.
One of the highlights of the concert for me is that some of the music is accompanied by ballet filmed in beautiful castles in and around Vienna.
In general the concert is just filled to the brim with shots of beautiful architecture, gorgeous costumes and breathtaking vistas.


This year they played my favourite waltz of all time: The Emperor Waltz. And to make it even better - they danced ballet to it! So I was basically flowing on a cloud of bliss for the remainder of the concert, and had to share my feelings on the subject with you all:)

My favourite part of the concert each year are the encores! They are the same every year so you have something to look forward to: The Blue Danube and The Radetzky March. If you haven't heard those pieces you should! TBD is such a tranquil and dreamy waltz and TRM is a true military march that makes you wanna dance around the room.

Another random thing I need to tell you, mainly because I am ridiculously proud of myself right now, is that I finally finished Hamlet today!!

And because this post turned random as of right now, I might as well announce that I am doing the Period Drama Challenge hosted at An Old-Fashioned Charm.
It's a challenge to watch and review as many new period dramas you can in the next 6 months, which is something I always love doing. (And a little extra motivation never hurts)
I've chosen to watch and review 10 films which should earn me the  title of Period Film Devotee.

            Old-Fashioned Charm

I think that was all for now;-)


  1. I hadn't heard of the concerts, but Strauss is so beautiful (definitely a favorite!) and BALLET?!?!? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I'm going to be looking this up. There must be recordings I can get hold of SOMEWHERE. :D :D

    Congratulations on Hamlet! I'm hoping to start week after next (after the Cinderella party).

    And... I'm planning to do the period drama challenge, too. I know I'll definitely be watching at LEAST 12-15 films before July, but not sure how many reviews I can do, so I'm just signing up for 5 at the moment. :) (One can always bump up from there, right?)

    1. You must look it up! I think you will love it!!
      Most of the concerts are available on Youtube so they should be easy to find (and if I might recommend one, then search for the one from 2012, that is my favourite)

      Thanks:) And good luck with reading it too.


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