Sunday, 6 November 2016

To Catch A Thief (1955)

This is a movie of firsts for me, being both my first Alfred Hitchcock movie and my first Cary Grant movie - safe to say it wasn't my last.

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First, the plot:

When a string of jewel thefts happens at the French Riviera the police has only one suspect: the former cat burglar John Robie. He's actually innocent but when no one believes him, he only has one way to prove it: finding and catching the copy cat thief. 
With some help from an insurance agent he finds out which of the many tourists currently at the Riviera has the most expensive piece of jewelry, the widow Jessie Stevens and her daughter Frances, and under an assumed name he strikes up a friendship with them. 
His mission, however, meets many complications along the way, one of them being Frances seeing right through his cover and taking a marked interest in him. 

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So, there's a lot to like about this movie, but the lovely acting of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly is my favourite thing. Grant's portrayal of the retired thief parading as a playboy and Kelly's portrayal of the American heiress who is more than what she seems on the surface, are both stellar. However, it's in their scenes together that they really shine! Their interactions are full of witty banter, casual flirting and ambiguous conversations that are all very entertaining to watch. 

I also really like the pacing of the plot and the rising suspense - Hitchcocks's way of making movies just strikes a cord with me. 

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Another thing I must mention is the gorgeous scenery of the movie. It's shot in southern France and the many views and vistas are simply a treat for the eyes.
As is Grace Kelly's wardrobe (did you notice the smooth transition). She wears such nice pastel coloured dresses. And her ballgowns are truly magnificent.

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Now nothing is left but the conclusion of it all: I found this movie very enjoyable, and if you like Hitchcock-movies with Cary Grant and a plot with lots of suspense but yet with room for a romance with Grace Kelly, you will enjoy it too.


  1. I'm still getting over the fact you'd never seen a Cary Grant movie!!! Wow!!! Okay, moving on. ;)

    This was a great review of a great Hitchcock. I think you have a knack for writing perfect reviews--just so you know.

    1. First let me reassure you: I've seen lots of Cary Grant movies. He's my favourite classic Hollywood actor!
      But back when I first watched the movie as an early teen - that was when I was introduced to him.

      Thank you so much for that amazing compliment!!:)

  2. Love this movie and both actors are so talented!

  3. One of my absolute favorite Hitchcock films!


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