Friday, 27 October 2017

On Writer's Block And Life

Hello all!
I bet you thought I was dead by now! But fear not, I am not dead merely in blogging (and writing) hibernation.

I have been suffering from the most feared disease among writers:


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For those of you that have only heard rumours of it; it is a most distressing condition where your head is overflowing with ideas but somewhere between your brain and your hands there is a severe nerve blockage that prevents you from writing any of it down!
And the few words you might put down is mere gibberish. 
No one knows how you catch it (though work and life are big suspects), and even sadder: there is no known cure other than time!

So yes, pity me one and all, I have been suffering for months on end. Not being able to write a word on my blog or any of my story projects.
In my case it has been so severe that I have not even gotten any new story ideas over the summer, only rehashing old ones. For one whose greatest trait is her imagination that is a bleak fate indeed!!

Image result for writers block

But just as I was about to arrange the funeral for my literary life it sprang up from its sick bed and exclaimed: I STILL LIVE! (and then it went to sleep for another few weeks, such a recovery takes time).

So now I'm trying to start the blog up again. I can't say how regular updates will be and the first many posts will probably be tags. (So if you know some good tags, let me know) 

Image result for fall

But let's not end this post in such a somber mood as it started, let me tell you about this amazing trip i went on this summer.

A dear friend and I went to Stockholm, and it only took a few days for Stockholm to overtake Berlin as my favourite city.
It's the most beautiful city you can imagine; full of history and old architecture and placed in the middle of the Swedish archipelago which ensures lots of breathtaking nature sights without even having to travel from the city.

The Stockholm Castle - dull on the outside but so pretty on the inside

View to a lovely old entertainment park

View from the house we lived just 20 minutes from midtown

Sailing in the archipelago in midtown Stockholm 

As I can not do it justice in words, my only conclusion is: if you have a list of European cities you want to visit, put Stockholm on it (and boost it to the top).

That's all for now! I hope the next post will not take me 6 months to write:)


  1. Welcome back Rose!!! It's so good to hear from you again!! :D

    YOUR DESCRIPTION OF WRITER'S BLOCK WAS AWESOME!! So accurate. (And humorous, too. "But just as I was about to arrange the funeral for my literary life"...haha. That was great!) And I can totally relate. Oh yes! Why when one has so many ideas is it suddenly so hard to get them down on paper? And on the other why does one never have any ideas when one so desperately wants them???

    That quote about your imaginary friends not talking to you...aww, that is soooo sad!! :( I hope your imaginary friends start talking to you a lot soon!

    Glad to hear you've been having some fun life experiences amidst the writing problems. Your trip to Stockholm sounds splendid! And the pictures are beautiful. I especially like the last one of the ships. :D

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!

    ~Miss March

    1. Thank you, Miss March.
      It's been a long time coming but I missed my dear blogging friends too much to stay away:)

      Yes, the life of a writer is hard. Why do one never gets ideas when one needs them?
      Aww, don't feel sad - my imaginary friends never really stopped talking to me. They just spent most of the time making grocery lists and planning out my coming work week (never mind that it was Saturday) and other boring stuff;)

      It was so nice to hear from you too!

    2. Haha. Well at least your imaginary friends are helpful! Good for them! ;)

  2. Oh, yay! You're back!! :D Haha, I totally understand and relate to the whole writer's/blogger's block thing. IT HAPPENS. (And you related it all in a most amusing, entertaining way. :))

    Good tags . . . well, do you like Disney? (I'm sure we've talked about this, but I fear I've forgotten!)

    1. It's nice that I am in a forum of writers. Writers understand such things!

      Do I like Disney??? There are few things I love more than Disney!


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