Monday, 12 May 2014

When you wish upon a star blog party - tag

These days Anna S is hosting a Disney-themed blog party, and how could I ever resist participating in anything related to Disney?

So here is the tag:

1. Why do you love Disney?

Is it possible not to love Disney?
But some of the things I love about Disney are the fantasy behind the movies, the drama, the heroism, the songs... I could go on for ages. 

2. Who is your favorite Disney princess?

Definitely Rapunzel. She is so naive and wonderstruck by the world - and she is armed with a frying pan. Need i say more?

3. Who is your favorite Disney female character?

Probably Esmeralda. She is self confident, sassy and can take care of herself.

4. Who is your favorite Disney prince?

Actually I don't think I have a definite favourite. But if I have to say one, I choose Aladdin.

5. Who is your favorite Disney male character?

Flynn Rider, no question about it. I can't explain why. He is just the best in male character in all of Disney history.

6. Who is your favorite Disney Villain?

That must be Scar. He's evil I know - but he has a wonderful sense of sarcasm.

7. What is/are your favorite Disney Song(s)?

Well, my ultimate favourite is "I see the light" from Tangled.

Some of my other favourites are "I'll try" from Peter Pan 2, "When she loved me" from Toy Story 2, "Once upon a time in New York City" from Oliver & Co, "Beauty and the Beast" and many more.

8. What is your favorite Disney Movie?

It is almost impossible to choose....but I have loved Tangled from the very first time I saw it.

9. What was the first Disney movie that you saw (or remember for that matter!)?

The first Disney movie I owned was The Jungle Book.

10. Do you prefer the older Disney movies or the newer ones? 

I like them both, but I watch the newer ones more (mainly because they are the one I own on DVD). I also like how the characters seem to have more layers in the new ones and undergo bigger developments.

11. Tangled or Frozen? (Mwaaahhhaaahhaaa! ;))

That is an evil question as they are my two favourite movies right now. But if I have to choose, I'll say Tangled - for I have loved that one the longest.
12. Favorite Disney Pixar Movie? 

I generally love Pixar's movies. WALL-E and Up are the ones that touched me the most.

So that was the tag. I'll try to find time to make another Disney post before the party ends. Any wishes for a topic?

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  1. Haha. I loved your answers! Ooh, first one to pick Tangled over Frozen! :)


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