Saturday, 12 December 2015

Projects For Winter

One of the things I love to do when winter approaches is planning how I will spend all my indoor hours. With so many hours to look forward to, I surely can be productive and get so many tasks done that I plan to do but always end up postponing.
I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan!!

Well, being a realist I know I will probably only get a fraction of it all done, but I like to think planning to keep busy during winter keeps me from going completely into hibernation.

Here's what I have planned for this winter!!

Did I ever mention how much I love baking? Cooking in general is really not my favourite pass time, but baking is a completely different story.
And for some reason every December I get these uncontrollably urges to bake lots and lots of cookies.


I think my parents love it when I do that, for I always end up giving them most of the cookies (to have so many cookies at my own place is just a temptation too great to withstand)
This year, as I am quite in love with England, I am making shortbread by the dozen - which is the easiest cookie ever to make, but  so delicious!
I am also running quite amok with danish Christmas cookies like "finskbrød" (basically danish shortbread, but with chopped almonds on top) and "brunkager" (a kind of gingerbread, but again with almonds in it).


I always promise myself I will spend more time drawing, but never do - but THIS winter it will be different.(just like all the other times) But really, it's just the whole setting time aside and actually sitting down and doing it - when first started time seems to fly and I am in a little bubble with my pencil, the paper and the picture I'm drawing from. It's just amazing!


I recently remembered how much I loved doing embroidery when I was younger and thought: why not start doing it again? And what a perfect winter activity! I only know cross-stitches for that is what I learnt in school. Fun story: I had lessons in needlework at school and it was always the last module of the day, where we weren't very motivated. To solve the problem we (the girls, that is) made it into our very own embroidery club, each sitting with our animal themed projects (bears were very popular), having lemonade and crackers and sharing imaginary gossip. Good times...I hope to recreate something like it when I start again.


I normally have quite a lot of writing projects going on in my mind, but have so much trouble writing them down - a writer's curse, I guess. I have one in particular that I really want to write and it's moving forward very slowly, but at least it's moving. But to not discourage myself too much, I will put my main focus on writing blog posts this winter - that at least, is something I know how to do.


Reading more is always a project, so much that sometimes I doubt even adding it to my lists because it is that obvious. However, I have been really bad at reading lately so now I have made a project of reading one classic book every month - starting January. Something I'm really looking forward to and I surely hope I will stick to it.


Nothing kills hours like solving puzzles. I mostly do it when I am sick or on holiday but those long winter nights are perfect for it too. And as I feel for puzzles what other girls feel for shoes I have quite the collection, making sure I won't run out of projects for a while.


No, I can not actually sow at the moment. But I seriously intend to use this winter to learn. Since I am gradually switching my entire wardrobe to 40's/50's style, and dream of someday soon to wear dresses everyday as a natural occurrence, I though: how hard can it be to make such things myself? At the moment, pretty hard as I have no idea how. But I'm trying to goad my mother into teaching me the absolute basics and have bought some funnily patterned fabric to practise upon, so all I need now is a sewing pattern and lots and lots of patience.


Watching Period Dramas
At last, my favourite one. Even if everything else fail I should be able to fulfil this project: watching all my favourite period dramas again. I used to watch them all the time, but the problem with Netflix always adding new movies and series that I need to see is that it makes me forget about all the great movies I already own.


Those are my ambitious plans so far. I may do them all, I may do none of them but the fun in planning remains!
Do you have any projects for the winter months?  


  1. Hello Rose! I'm Cordy. I'm so glad I found your blog because I really liked this post. :) I wish that my winters were more productive as well.

    I love cross-stitch! And your little club sounded like fun. I have a Christmas X-stitch that I wanted to get done but...we'll have to see. :/

    I am always writing. So much so that I have to force myself to take this month off!

    'I feel for puzzles what other girls feel for shoes'! I love that! hahaha. I don't entirely agree because I do like my shoes but I also love doing puzzles with my grandpa.

    I am trying to learn to sew too. But I'm the opposite of you, I have patterns but no experience or fabric. :D But I'm going to give it a try anyway!

    Period Dramas are a must in the winter--and in the spring, summer, and fall. :)

    Good luck with your goals!


    1. Why, hello to you too, Cordy!
      I'm so glad you liked it. Yes, winter is the season of plans.
      Good I am not the only one who can't sew yet:) Good luck with that.

      Thank you for your delightful comment:)

  2. *laughing* I'm rectifying my record and commenting immediately now. ;)

    Shortbread sounds absolutely scrumptious! Is that yours in the picture? Do you think you might post the recipe sometime? I'd love to try it!!

    And also a big 'thank you' for sharing the Cinderella and Inklings buttons! :)

    1. I very much appreciate your effort ;)

      Shortbread is the very best! No, I didn't make the ones in the picture (but they were identical to mine, so I might as well have)
      Sure, I would love to post the recipe if you're interested, I was thinking of doing a recap/results post later in winter. i'll be sure to add it then. :)

  3. I know, reading more is always a goal, right?

    You're gradually changing your entire wardrobe to the 40s/50s style? That's so cool! Best of luck!

    Period dramas <3 <3 <3 Which are your favorites? I don't believe I've ever asked you.

    Well, this winter I'm hoping to read more (duh) and make a lot of fancy(ish) bookmarks, and just generally try to be productive instead of vegetative ;)

    1. Yes, so true! Reading more has become so implicit a goal that I sometimes forget to even mention it.
      Thank you:) It is quite a lengthy project, but really fun!

      I have so many favourites I barely know where to start! My 2 top choices are Pride & Prejudice (95) and Emma (09), they are just perfection. But I also love Sense & Sensibility (95), The Young Victoria, Anne of Green Gables, the Hornblower movies, Amazing Grace...and the list goes on;-)

      "Productive instead of vegetative" - so brilliantly formulated, I think that's my main goal too.


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