Sunday, 24 April 2016

A Description Of A Lady

Oh dear, has it really been more than a month since my last post?
Real life has a habit of getting in the way of my writing time, but today I finally have a little time to hopefully write up a few posts.


The theme for this month's Inkling Explorations is a description of a lady in literature.
A delightful theme and I immediately thought of my choice: the scene in Pride & Prejudice where Mr Darcy mentally describes Elizabeth.
"Mr. Darcy had at first scarcely allowed her to be pretty; he had looked at her without admiration at the ball; and when they next met, he looked at her only to criticise. But no sooner had he made it clear to himself and his friends that she had hardly a good feature in her face, than he began to find it was rendered uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of her dark eyes. To this discovery succeeded some others equally mortifying. Though he had detected with a critical eye more than one failure of perfect symmetry in her form, he was forced to acknowledge her figure to be light and pleasing; and in spite of his asserting that her manners were not those of the fashionable world, he was caught by their easy playfulness."
For more descriptions of ladies be sure to pop over to Heidi's blog here and read the other participants choices:)


  1. OOH! I love this part! Brilliant choice!! I wonder that I didn't think of it at the first...hmm. Perhaps it's time to read the book again, Cordy... :D

    Time is so troublesome isn't it? It's wonderful to have you back, Rose!!


    1. It's been a while since I read the book too, but that particular chapter is always clear in my memory.

  2. Oh! I missed you this month, Rose. I'm so glad to see you back! :)

    This was an excellent selection. Such a vivid description of Lizzy. And, poor Mr. Darcy. "To this discovery succeeded some others equally mortifying." Haha. Isn't Jane Austen's great? I love her writing!

    1. It's always nice to be missed;) I've also really missed talking to all my blogging friends:)

      I love this description so much because it consists of reluctant compliments and admissions. Is there anything worse than making your mind up on something and then later discover you are wrong?

      JA sure is a literary genius, that whole chapter is filled with unforgettable lines.

  3. Awesome choice! How do you think of such great ones for Inkling Explorations?? ;)

    1. Thanks, Olivia.
      I don't know, some months I try to be creative and other (like this) I just go with the first thing I think of:)


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