Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Inkling Explorations And A Lady's Dress

It's time for the monthly Inkling Explorations!

This month's theme is: a description of a lady's dress in literature.

Luckily for me, Heidi allowed entries written in September, so without further ado here is a lovely little scene from Anne Of Green Gables:  

"Anne took the dress and looked at it in reverent silence. Oh, how pretty it was—a lovely soft brown gloria with all the gloss of silk; a skirt with dainty frills and shirrings; a waist elaborately pintucked in the most fashionable way, with a little ruffle of filmy lace at the neck. But the sleeves—they were the crowning glory! Long elbow cuffs, and above them two beautiful puffs divided by rows of shirring and bows of brown-silk ribbon."


For more descriptions of frills, ruffles and finery, don't forget to visit the link-up on Heidi's blog.


  1. What a great selection!!! I feel a shamed of this being my favorite book and not remembering it until you started.

    1. Thanks:)
      I know the feeling, I really had to think on the subject for a while before I suddenly remembered this scene.

  2. Nice selection, Rose! And I really like the picture you included! :)

    1. Thanks, Miss March!
      I also love the picture, I've never seen any other illustrations of the dress actually described in the book.

  3. I love Anne of Green Gables! The dress is beautiful. That's a great picture of it (isn't it dreadful what they did in the movie?!)!

    By the way, I'm Rae (as you can see), of raesdropofgoldensun.blogspot.com and I just started following your blog a couple of days ago. I look forward to reading more!

    1. Nice to meet you Rae:) I'm always glad to get to know new bloggers.
      And you love Anne of Green Gables too, so we already have a very important thing in common;)

      I know - the reason I like the picture is because it shows the dress described in the book. The dress in the movie was just so wrong!


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