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Movie Wardrobes: Emma (2009)

3 blog posts in on week - no I have not gone on a crazy blogging spree! But I had this post in the works and the theme fits so well with Naomi's Jane Austen Week that I thought: "Why not get it up early?"
 But enough chitchat - on to the post.

Emma Woodhouse's wardrobe in the 2009 series is my favourite period drama wardrobe ever. Besides, studying Emma's outfits in depth also gives a good lesson in how to get a versatile wardrobe with some good key items. Don't believe me? Then look at all the evidence collected below.

(As this post is gonna contain every dress worn by Emma in a 4 episode series, it will be quite lengthy. Consider yourself warned)

I think Emma is supposed to be around 16 when she wears this dress, and the simplicity of the dress beautifully underlines the youthfulness and innocence of a girl not quite out in society yet. I love the little details in the embroidery on the fabric, it really gives the dress a little something.

I love the pattern and colour scheme of this dress that Emma wears to Miss Taylor and Mr Weston's wedding. Very festive and elegant. And is it just me or does it not just signal autumn?

This is one of my absolute favourite dresses. It's just so summery with the pale yellow and the flowery pattern. Also notice how it can easily change between a dress worn in summer and in winter by simply wearing long sleeves underneath it. 

Here's a lovely everyday dress, Emma often wears around the house. It seems quite simple but when you look closely the fabric actually has a beautiful golden shimmer in it. And it has a little bit of puff in the sleeves, what's not to like?

I really love this dress. It might have something to do with my love of anything blue at the moment, but I also really like all the little details in the neckline, and how you can change the appearance by wearing different ribbons/sashes.

This dress is a beautiful example of an autumn/winter dress. I just love the colour contrast the sash gives. And again, it can be dressed down for everyday use by wearing a shirt underneath.

Emma sadly only wears this dress once, at the Westons' Christmas party, but I would have enjoyed to see it more. It's a really lovely green shade and isn't the little bow on the back adorable? On another note I also just love the red ribbons she has weaved into her hairstyle.

Who says you can't be elegant just because it's cold outside? I love the details on the front, for some reason it makes me think of a military jacket of some kind. And look how it billows!! I've always dreamt of having a long coat that billows dramatically in the wind as I walk.

Another gorgeous winter coat! The cut is completely timeless, I for one, have been looking for a coat exactly like that for winter. I also love the way the colours coordinate.

Apparently those little detail at the front was a general fashion thing at the time- Emma sure has it on a lot of her clothes. I really like the colour and simplicity of this dress. Perfect for those cold winter months.

I know, this is technically not a dress, merely a shawl, but look at it! It's so gorgeous. The pattern is so pretty. Emma wears it a lot over her party dresses when going outside, making it double as a coat, I imagine, on those tricky nights where it's too warm for an actual coat yet too cold to go without.

Another pretty party dress. The miniature checkers pattern is really pretty and gives the colour a little more life. And I love the way the belt/sash accentuates the waist.

Is it too much to dedicate 2 pictures to a spencer? Not if it's this one. For one it's the only black thing Emma wears, we could really use that advice today - only have a few black items in your wardrobe and focus on pastels instead. Did I mention the fastenings? I love the fastenings.

Finally, the ball gown! It's just so beautiful and dreamy and shimmery that I don't think I can find words to do it justice. Let's just agree that it's amazing.

Ahh..another one of my favourite dresses. The colour, the red ribbon, the little details at the front - it's just gorgeous! And again, take notice how it is easily transformed into something to wear in the colder months.

Here's a light little summer dress. It's relatively simple but still pretty and very suitable for a picnic or just sitting in the garden. Also, that hat she wears! Isn't it pretty?

Again, one of Emma's more simple dresses. I like the little details in the neckline, but otherwise it is not very noteworthy among all the other dresses in her wardrobe.

And here's Emma's dress for the Box Hill party. Again - love the colour, and the gold at the waist and neckline - so beautiful. It's also a really pretty little spencer she has, it changes the look of the dress completely.

Another pretty dress in pastels. I especially like it with the red toned sash, but it is also pretty in its own right.

At last, Emma's honeymoon dress. It's a much deeper colour than her other dresses - maybe to signal a new chapter in her life has started. Nevertheless it is a lovely dress, with the sleeves and the trimmings - I really love it.

And that my dears, was the last dress Emma wore. I never realised just how many different dresses she owned until I started this post. But they are all just gorgeous.
And because this post just isn't long enough, let's take a moment to appreciate all Emma's hats:

I really wish people still wore hats today for what an amazing accessory it would be.  And they are so versatile - just switch the ribbons and you have a brand new hat all at once.  My favourites are the ones with the wide brim, especially the one down to the left.

I actually had also planned to look at some of the dresses worn by the secondary characters, but that surely needs a post of its own.

Which dress is your favourite?


  1. Lovely post, Rose! Emma really does have a host of beautiful dresses!

    You want me to choose a favorite? How in the world am I supposed to do that? Haha. Alright, well I like her ball dress (it's gorgeous!)...and her dark pink dress with the green sash...her light green dress with the red ribbon...her blue jumper/dress...and yeah, it's pretty much impossible to choose an actual favorite! :)

    Thanks for getting all the pictures together in one place. It's amazing to see how many dresses she really has. And yes, I love how some of her dresses can be worn in cold weather as well as in hot weather simply by adding sleeves underneath. That's just so cool! :)

    1. !'m so glad you liked it Miss March, and thank you for your lovely comment.

      I know, choosing a favourite is impossible - I can only narrow it down to a top 5 myself.
      When I started getting this post together I was surprised myself of how many dresses she actually had! (A perk of being rich no doubt)
      It is great how she can change her dresse like that, I've started doing it with my own wardrobe now. To think people say you don't learn anything from movies;-)

  2. Soooooo..... I've been MEANING to comment on this post ever since you first posted and -- well -- here I am! :D And if you can't already tell ;), I LOVE IT!! Emma's dresses are so incredibly gorgeous it's crazy. Here are my top five (I think I can keep it to five), when it comes to 'favorites' they're the ones I always immediately think of anyway: 1. her yellow 'proposal' dress, 2. her green Christmas dress (I SO wish she wore it more! but it does make it even more special when she wears it for the dinner), her long red coat (and no, don't count that against me as one of the five -- it's a coat ;)), 3. her sprigged 'Donwell Abbey' floral (probably my second favorite after the yellow), 4. the natural linen colored Spencer "argument with Mr. Knightley" ensemble just after the sprigged floral on your list (I absolutely love that one and it might tie for second place), 5. her Box Hill dress and jacket.

    Her whole wardrobe is so entirely beautiful. :)

    1. Better late than never ;) I'm glad you still did it.
      The proposal dress and the christmas dress are two of my favourites as well! And of COURSE her red coat counts, I gave it an entire collage for a reason!
      But yeah, I agree, they are all so beautiful!


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