Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Jane Austen Week Tag

This week Naomi is hosting a Jane Austen Week here. It's filled with Jane Austen related goodness, and games and fun. And of course it also has a tag.

The Questions:

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a Jane Austen fan do you consider yourself?

A solid 9. She is my favourite author ever, I have read all her major works (still miss the juvenilia, though), seen adaptions of them all and love to learn about the regency era to understand her novels better.

2. If "they" would make a new Jane Austen Movie, and you would be able to be cast in it, which Jane Austen character would you most like to play?

Well, I think we really need a new movie version of Mansfield Park, but I fear I wouldn't be able to play any of those characters well..
I have always dreamed of playing Elinor Dashwood, as we are very much the same in many aspects!

3. Is there any felicity in the world superior to a walk?

No, except perhaps that of the company of a good book.

4. Who's your favourite Jane Austen 'villain'? (As in 'villain' meaning 'the bad guy.')

I really like Henry Crawford. Not that I in any way condone his actions, but I think he was a nice layered character that had the potential for both good and bad. (Just a shame he chose wrong) 

5. What/Who introduced you to Jane Austen?

The first time I really heard of her was when the Pride & Prejudice 2005 version came out, and shortly after my mother bought the book.  After a while until I read it, and I have been hooked ever since.

6. Did you love/enjoy Jane Austen immediately, or has there been a time when you hated (um, prejudged) it?


7. Who, in your opinion, is the funniest Jane Austen character?

Mrs Norris. The way she can talk herself out of doing anything that would have a cost, while at the same time taking full credit for the deed, and the way she always claims to be saving money for her aquaintances while she is basicly living off of their income is just laughable. 

8. Do you quote Jane Austen randomly in public?

Sadly not. I think people would stare if I suddenly out of the blue started talking english, as it is not the language I use in my everyday life. (But if it was, then yes, I would never stop quoting JA)

9. Are children allowed to eat cake on weddings?

Certainly! How else would you keep them occupied and happy?

10. What is your reaction when you hear that an aquaintance (e.g. A lady at Church) of yours loves Jane Austen?

Hello, new best friend!

11. Who writes better letters, Mr Darcy or Captain Wentworth? (If you forgot what the letters were, shame on you, instead tell me if you prefer Strawberries to Chocolate or not.)

That is really hard to decide as the letters in themselves are so different. Captain Wentworth's letter was really sweet and romantic, but Darcy's letter shook me to the core and completely changed my perception of everything I had read this far, so I'm gonna choose that one.


12. Which Jane Austen heroine do you relate the least to?

Emma Woodhouse. She just never really spoke to me.

13. What's your favourite Jane Austen house (from one of the movies)?

Pemberley from the 2005 version of P&P. The real name of the place is Chatsworth and it is one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen. (Did you know that Chatsworth was most likely the original inspiration for Pemberley?) I really want to go see it someday.


14. What's your favourite Jane Austen dress (from one of the movies)?

How is it possible to choose just one?  I really adore this dress from Emma 2009, the colour and the pattern is so light and summery. 

15. Can you turn off lit candles with your fingers?

I probably could, but I have never tried as I wouldn't dare to touch the flame.


That was all for now, but don't forget to pop over at Naomi's blog for a lot more fun and talk of Jane Austen.


  1. I haven't read the juvenilia yet either. I REALLY want to!!!
    Henry Crawford annoys me, but yes, I can see why he wouldn't annoy everyone very much. :-)
    Is English not the language you speak in 'real life'? (Or do you mean that you speak 'American'?)
    AHHH EMMA'S PROPOSAL DRESS. The sceeene. :-)

    Thanks for doing this, Rose!

    ~ Naomi

    1. I KNOW right? The thought of reading more JA is quite exciting.
      I think the reason I like Henry Crawford is mostly that as a literary character he is really well done.
      No I don't speak American (though I like the sentiment), I speak Danish.
      So glad you made this tag.

    2. You speak Danish! I have family who lives in Denmark! (So do you live in Denmark then?)

    3. Yes I do. I live in Copenhagen.
      You have family in Denmark? Where? (If you want to tell, that is)
      It sure is a small world!

  2. 8. What! Really? What language do you use in your every day life? Just curious.
    11. Wow! That really is a tough question. The letters are so very different. Darcy's is excellent, though. Good choice.
    13. No, I didn't know that. How cool! I hope you do get to see the place sometime. (Hey, in P&P '95, doesn't Lizzy's uncle make a reference to Chatsworth? I feel like I recognize the name.)

    ~Miss March

    1. Nothing bad about being curious, how else would we ever learn something?
      I speak Danish in my everyday life
      I don't remember if Chatsworth is referenced in the 95 series, but it is actually mentioned in the book as a place Lizzy and the Gardiners would visit.


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