Sunday, 1 November 2015

What I've Been Doing - October Edition

I always enjoy reading those delightfully random posts on other blogs, so I thought to write one myself to fill out the waiting time until I have finished those 4 or 5 half finished drafts I am working on currently.
So without further ado; here's a little of what I have been doing this last month.


Hamlet, as part of Hamlette's delightful read-along here. It always makes me very happy, when I can say that I'm reading some iconic classic work of literature, so I've been very happy this month when people asked me what I was reading. (And I may have started up the subject more than usually)

Besides that I'm also reading Cranford (have been for several months now). It is quite a slow read. Mostly because it's composed as a collection of little short stories, which makes you feel like you finished the book after every chapter. But I will conquer it and have forbidden myself to start any new reading projects until I'm finished with this one.



Quite a collection of classic 50's movies. It all started out with a rewatch of State Fair, which lead to researching movies starring Jeanne Crain, which lead to researching  movies starring Cary Grant, which lead to finding every single movie from the 40's and 50's available on Netflix (there's quite a few luckily). This far I've watched: People Will Talk, Monkey Business, On The Town, Singin In The Rain, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and The Great Escape. 
I also started watching Jeeves & Wooster again - I completely forgot how funny that series is.


Listening To

My gorgeous 1940's mix - they sure knew how to make music back then.
The soundtrack to Pocahontas - one of the best Disney scores ever made.



Blog posts - and lots of them. I have made a resolution to publish a post at least once a week, and I'm trying very hard to stick to that.
I've also finally pulled myself together to really start working on a story that have been lurking in my mind for the last 6 months - if I succeed you will hear much more about it in a future post.


That was all for now.
What have you been doing this October?

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