Tuesday, 16 February 2016

10 Of My Favourite 40's Songs

Ever since I discovered how awesome 40's music is, my list of favourites has been ever growing. Here I have tried to pick out 10 songs that really embodies the best of the musical style of that decade.
(In the name of variation I decided to only have one song from each artist)

1. It's Been A Long, Long Time - Harry James And His Orchestra

Ah, the song that started it all! I remember I was listening to the soundtrack of some movie and then suddenly this number popped up. I was hooked from the beginning and listened to it on repeat for a long time, before the thought hit me that if this was the music style of the 40's, there must be many more enjoyable songs out there to be discovered.

2. It's A Good Day - Peggy Lee

This is such a happy song! Whenever I need some motivation for starting chores or just getting dressed, I always put this song on, for it makes me want to dance around the room while cleaning (a strange urge I know, but very practical)

3. Don't Fence Me In - Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters

What would the 40's have been without Bing Crosby? He was the definition of a crooner and I just love listening to him. This song is a favourite of mine because of the laid-back Western style of it. And it makes me happy!

4. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree - Glenn Miller

Did I mention I love Glenn Miller? It was hard to choose only one of his songs to put on this list. The reasons I particularly like this one are many. I love the big band sound, the composition and the way it's made into a duet and of course the story the lyrics tell. So many of the songs of that time dealt with the theme of being away from your loved ones, and this story about a couple who promise to stay true to each other while they're separated is just so heartwarming.

5. Bei Mir Bist Du Schön - The Andrews Sisters

Technically this particular song is from 1938 but it remained popular during the 40's so I'm including it anyway. The Andrews Sisters were quite iconic back then and they have a lot of good songs, but this one is funny and quirky and beautifully arranged, and it just have that extra something that you can't exactly describe in words. Listen to it and you will understand!

6. That's For Me - Vivian Blaine

This song is from the movie State Fair, which I also love. Movies are a great way to discover new music in my experience. What I love about this song is the singer's deep voice and that it's easy for me to sing along to it. And it makes me happy!

7. It's Only A Paper Moon - Ella Fitzgerald

Why do I love this song? It's a mix of Ella Fitzgerald's lovely voice and the slow but lilting melody. I don't think there's much more to it.

8. Amapola - Jimmy Dorsey

I just love that so much 40's music was played by big orchestras. It just gives it all a little extra...
What I particularly like about this song, is the way it starts out slow and calm and then suddenly becomes quicker halfway through. I love it when there's a little development in the music (kind of like classic music).

9. On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Tommy Dorsey

Another big orchestra number - what a surprise! I gotta say the Dorsey Brothers really knew how to make music. I've heard several versions of this particular song, but I think this version is the happiest one and therefore the one that conveys the message of the song the best.

10. Steppin' Out With My Baby - Fred Astaire

Another song from a movie! I wasn't impressed by Easter Parade when I watched it, but his particular song just hit me from the very opening notes. It's a real catchy swing number that encompasses everything I like about 40's music, so of course it deserved to be mentioned on this list.

And we have reached the end! There are so many other lovely songs that I wanted to mention, but maybe I will sneak it into another post;)

What 40's songs do you like?
I'm eager to discover more music from that time!


  1. You know - I have never listened to most of these! Well, I've listened to four of them (Steppin' Out, Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree, Bei Mir Bist to Shon, and That's for Me.) I love all those, so I trust your choice. I'll listen to all these as soon as I can! ;-)

  2. Great selection! I hadn't heard those first two before. So sweet! Ah, the 40s. When popular singers actually had VOICES. ( Okay, in my opinion.;))

    Do you like Benny Goodman? Some of my favorites of his are Blue Room, and Goodnight My Love, ( The last one sung by Ella Fitzgerald.)

    Glenn Miller!!!! I LOVE "In The Mood". There is a super cute version sung by the Andrews Sisters.

    Also, Frank Sinatra is one of my top favorites!! If you've not heard it already, I really recommend "You Make Me Feel So Young". It's utterly darling.:)

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. Yes, I agree!! Back then the singers really could sing!

      I haven't listened to Benny Goodman, but i will definitely try out those 2 songs!
      There's and In The Mood with lyrics? I must find it!
      I also just adore Frank Sinatra and his style!

  3. Some of these are new to me, others are old favorites. I am going to look for more of Peggy Lee.

  4. I really love '40s music too, particularly Glenn Miller (my favorite is "Tuxedo Junction"), and just about anything by Doris Day, Bing Crosby, and the Andrews Sisters.

    1. Glenn Miller is great. I haven't heard of Tuxedo Junction, I will go and listen to it:)


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