Saturday, 30 August 2014

My answers to the Tag

As the title so fittingly says, this is my answers to the tag I posted earlier this week.

When and how did you first get acquainted with Jane Austen?

Well, I recall hearing Pride & Prejudice mentioned as some big classic, but the story didn't interest me until the 2005 movie was released and I heard a bit about the plot and suddenly wanted to see it.

Around the same time my mother bought the book, but as I wasn't that good at English back then I only managed to read the first few chapters before I gave in.
Luckily a good friend of mine had the book in translation and offered to lend me it - and, as you say, the rest is history.

I was drawn in by the story at once, and I clearly remember reading Darcy's letter for the first time and how everything I thought I knew about the book was turned upside down.

Favourite Jane Austen book?

Pride & Prejudice will always have a special place in my heart, it being my first Austen book and all, and it is my general favourite. a work of litterature I think Mansfield Park is the best.

And Northanger Abbey is no doubt the funniest one.

Favourite heroine?

Ellinor Dashwood  is a heroine I could really identify with when I was younger, and there are many similarities between her and my disposition.

But I have also always admired Fanny Price for her quiet strength and wished to be like her.

Favourite hero?

I find it hard to single one hero out for I love them all in different ways.

However, I really love Henry Tilney with his easy going and humorous manners.
He is so funny and sweet, and really loyal towards Catherine - that is not something to be taken lightly.

What makes Jane Austen special to you?

There is not one single thing I could point out and say: that is it!
I think it is a combination of so many things.
Firstly her stories are sweet, thought through and gives a good and humorous look at society back then - I really love her subtle way of making jokes.

But what I love most about her, is the great characters she creates and how they really come to life on the pages and act like real human beings with all their flaws and virtues.

What is your favourite adaption of a Jane Austen work?

I think the P&P 1995 is true perfection and the most faithful adaption of the book ever!

I also love the 2009 version of Emma. I am still amazed by how they managed to turn a book I had no special feeling for, into this great and beautiful adaption that I could watch on repeat.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your answers, Rose! I also wanted to agree with your assessment of Mansfield Park. It's such an amazingly deep and well-written work of literature on so many different levels!


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